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deli logoThe 'Deli in the square', Helensburgh seeks to offer its customers the highest quality Delicatessen food produce from around the world.

welcome to the Deli in the square

Getting the content for this website is difficult. Trying to get Michael or Anna Curley to sit down for a while, to find out what the 'Deli in the square' is about is no easy task.

Anna and Michael are either in the kitchen preparing the food or they are out chatting to the customers, making sure they are enjoying the the food prepared daily.

That, I guess, sums up the 'Deli in the square'
You are not a customer here, you are a friend. 
That and the young, energetic staff, serving you what you asked for. There is always time for a smile from a group of people who know the value of good service coupled with the best of produce.

So I won't bother trying to describe the 'Deli in the square' to you...You have to come and experience it for yourself.

"Our 'Deli' is the larder for our shop....

Unlike traditional caterers we have the added advantage of buying, at first hand, the produce in our Delicatessen therefore we can strictly monitor the quality of our produce.- be it our meat, cheeses, salads or coffee to go

Unlike other traditional caterers of which there are many in Scotland, we believe that 100% of the money you entrust in us should go into the quality of the food we present.



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Phone: 01436 672564